iPhone 8 Will Be Unveiled in September As Planned

A new range of iPhones would be out for sale by October 2017 after an unveiling that is scheduled in September. This was according to a report that came out on Monday. Rumors earlier claimed that the company would struggle to meet their usual launch timeframe in fall of every year for their latest OLED iPhone as it is going to debut with two more models of LCD screen type. Some other sources claimed that the tenth anniversary of iPhone also faces a delay due to the yield rate issues.

Mac Otakara, a Japanese website suggested earlier this year that iPhone 8 would launch a little later than the LCD models of the company. Ming-Chi Kuo’s analyst, KGI Securities believes that the company is going to launch the OLED iPhone in the month of September only, but a lot of supply shortages would be faced by the device till November 2017. Similar rumors of delayed production have been said by many media outlets and analysts in the recent months.

On Monday, an Economic Daily News claimed that there is going to be no delay for the next generation iPhones of the company. They signaled the usual production of iPhone parts ramp up starting next month.

Both Kinsus and Zhen Ding have managed to improve the rate of yield of their SLP products, which would allow a lot of materials for the iPhone in June. Assemblers of iPhone, Pegatron, Winston and Foxconn said that they would accelerate training and recruitment of new Chinese workers in preparation for the new iPhone’s mass production.

The company has a major redesign in plan for their new flagship phone. They are going to be including a new glass body and OLED display that is going to be edge to edge with an integrated Touch ID option. The iPhone is going to be sold alongside standard 5.5 and 4.7 inch screen as well.

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